Toothache? Dental Pain ?

We are here to treat your dental emergency at Northeast Family Dental.

Call 503-281-0866 for an appointment.  Every effort will be made to see you same day during office hours.

The dentist can make himself available for a phone consult for nervous or dental phobic patients if needed.

What may be the cause of your Dental Pain?

There are many reasons why people experience dental pain.

Some of the more common causes of dental pain are listed here:

What can we do to ease your dental pain?

Dr. Worthington will help determine the cause of your dental pain and discuss solutions appropriate for you.

Step 1:  Phone our office for a same day or next day Emergency Dental Appointment (503) 281 - 0866.

If you are really nervous, perhaps ask to speak with the doctor for a phone consult before you visit.  Dr. Worthington is happy to listen to your dental concerns.

Step 2:  Visit our office 15 minutes prior to your appointment to fill out paperwork.

Step 3: Tell our Dental Assistant your dental concern.  She will take one x-ray of the area of concern.  (Additional x-rays will be an additional charge if you have several areas of concern.)

Step 4: Tell Dr. Worthington your dental concern.  Dr. Worthington will review your x-ray and examine your tooth.  He will let you know what treatment is required.

Step 5: Our staff will inform you of the cost for the treatment of that area.  If time permits, we will try to do any treatment at this time.  Otherwise, the doctor may sometimes provide prescriptions and we will re-appoint you for the next day (or earliest opening).

Step 6: If finances for your treatment is a concern, we offer care-credit third party financing.  We will help you apply for this payment option in office if you are interested.  In general, if you can get approved for a credit card, you will have no trouble getting approved for care credit.  The nice thing about care credit is there are no-interest payment options in certain scenarios.

What procedures are done to alleviate pain?

With dental pain, there may be multiple solutions to alleviate your pain. Common procedures used are:

If you want more information about what any of these procedures are and why you may do these procedures, follow the links.

We look forward to helping you get rid of your dental pain.  Call us today:  503-281-0866.